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Medicare Counseling Information Documents

1 – Medicare Basics

1a – Medicare for People Under 65

1b – Medicare Considerations for People Turning 65

2 – Medicare Part A and B Costs

2a – Medicare Part A and B Costs (including Part B and Part D IRMAA)

3 – Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap Supplement

3a-Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap Supplement (Spanish version)

Medigap / Supplement Counseling Information Documents

4 – Medicare Supplement Fact Sheet

5 – Medigap Contact Information and Understanding Medigap Supplement Quotes

5a – Nebraska Medigap Monthly Premium Ranges by Company

Prescription Drug Plan Information

6 Medicare Part D Fact Sheet

6a- 2023 Nebraska Prescription Drug Plans

6b-2023 Donut Hole

Advantage Plan Counseling Information Documents

7 – Medicare Advantage Fact Sheet

8 – 2023 Medicare Advantage Plan Guide – Eastern Nebraska

Additional Counseling Information Documents

9 – Medicare Options Chart

11 – Assistance Program Income and Asset Guidelines

11a-Assistance program Income and Asset Guidelines (Spanish version)

11b – Medicaid Brochure

11c-2023 Qualifiers for Assistance Programs

12 – Spousal Impoverishment

13 – Dental Insurance

15 – Vision Insurance

16- Open Enrollment Basic Information

18 – Medicare Enrollment Periods Chart IEP and SEP

19 – Federal Health Insurance

20 – Coordination of Benefits

21 – Health Savings Accounts

22 – Social Security My Account information

23-Social Security Medicare Links

24–Fraud Information

Medicare Forms

A – Application to Enroll in Medicare Part B

B – Request for Employment Information

C – IRMAA Life Changing Event Form

D – Applying for LIS – need to request paper form

F – Notice of Confidentiality for SHIP Clients

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