Planning for Medicare

The Medicare program is fraught with complicated decisions. Medicare insurance has very specific enrollment periods and penalties for late enrollment. Uninformed choices can lead to costly results, affecting seniors’ health coverage for the rest of their lives.

Most people are eligible for Medicare when they turn 65.  Even if you have other insurance, it is important to call VAS (402) 444-6617 three to four months before turning 65 to create a personalized plan for your transition to Medicare.

 Turning 65 and Starting Medicare 

If you are ready to start Medicare at 65, call VAS to:

  • enroll in the free Medicare Workshop and
  • schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor for a personalized counseling session.

Turning 65 and on Active Employer Insurance (through you or spouse)

If you are still working and are on your spouse’s or your employer insurance, it is important to review your current insurance situation.  These are some of the things that may impact your Medicare decisions when turning 65:

  • Is your company more than 20 employees?
  • Is your employer coverage ‘creditable’ for Medicare drug coverage?
  • Are you enrolled in a HDGP (High Deductible Group Health Plan) that is eligible for HSA (Heath Savings Account) contributions?
  • Are you on Social Security?

You may want to compare Medicare insurance with your employer insurance to see if you can get better coverage or lower costs. Call VAS to discuss your options.

Turning 65 with Other Insurance Options

If you have other insurance options including COBRA, retiree, Federal, VA, TriCare, or ACA, a VAS counselor can meet with you to help you understand how your other insurance works with Medicare.

Ending Employer Insurance after 65

Call VAS (402) 444-6617 two to three months before your retirement date to schedule a counseling session with one of our volunteers.

Medicare Education

VAS offers free evening classes that will introduce you to Medicare Basics.  Enroll in the Medicare Workshop 4-5 months before starting Medicare.

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